The complete CRM vision behind service CRM development

When we built the service CRM– we had some very straightforward goals. Some have been achieved, some will be achieved down the road.

Let me do a quick roadmap sharing and also list the design objectives.

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How to stay on top of activities, meetings and follow-ups

A mobile salesforce hates reporting. It is also a fact that by the time they are back in office at the end of a day’s visits, the details of most meetings are but a blur. There is a lot that the salesmen do; and we allow them to capture in the CRM.

So, they have 2 challenges.

  • They do not remember what they did- on site.
  • Now, they need to send a report to their boss- the dreaded daily activity report.
  1. On the Saleswah mobile app (Android), we allow you to make notes on visits and meetings. So,that you can always come back to office and jog your memory to write a more in depth report on visits if needed.
  2. We do the reporting for them!

Everyday, you and your reporting manager will get an email with a summary of all that you have done the previous day. You will only get your own data, your boss will get data for all his reportees.

The report covers new leads added, tasks created, customers visited, leads converted to deals and won deals – the previous day.

As you already may have seen, we have now added reminders and notifications for your deals and tasks and appointments. Several times during the day, we remind you of the Tasks you were scheduled to do and appointments for the day. In case you miss the deadline of a task, your boss gets a notification.




Logging meeting notes in your CRM app

Saleswah CRM v 2.8 released yesterday on the playstore. The sales functionality underwent a major revamp.

We all make client calls. Hours later, we forget key points or are unable to link it to the key narrative or the current activities underway with the client. We take notes in the notebook and the CRM does not know enough of the work we are doing on a client account.

Log a meeting Meeting

Now, with the current version release, we solve three related issues.

  1. We log a meeting, start time and capture the meeting duration when we close the meeting. We capture the person met. We even capture the street address, automatically from the phone GPS location. This, we believe takes care of the “logistics” of the meeting totally.
  2. We allow the meeting to be tagged to the relevant Account, Contact, Task or Deal. So, you know over a period of time, how many of your meetings are related to Tasks or Deals.
  3. We make it possible to jot down meeting notes right inside the app so, you don’t forget the key points. And, whenever you are working on the deal, you will remember the commitments from the last meeting.

What do you think? Let us know.

Towards more actionable sales call reports

Weekly sales call reports

How they hide more than they show and what could be better

Sales call reports, whether daily sales reports or weekly or monthly have always been on top of the pet hate list of salesmen.

Sales call reports from mobile teamAnyone starting a sales career quickly learns about the requirement of the sales report, but he is rarely convinced of the need for one. Funnily, as the sales executive progresses in his career becomes a manager and acquires a team, he starts demanding a report from his team on a regular basis!

There are two reasons sales call reports help the manager.

  1. It helps her keep control- the efficiency factor- on the number of calls for example that an executive is on everyday. It helps her benchmark, understand operational issues in territories.
  2. The focus and the effectiveness: in the drive to ensure you are logging “minimum number of calls” per day, are you making sure the calls are productive? Are you making too many “relationship calls”? Do your sales calls have a proper agenda and importantly, the required preparation? Which of your running “deals” have seen no visits? Which task was closed without a visit?

Unfortunately, as a long suffering sales manager, I have never managed to get daily or weekly sales call reports the way I want and when I want them. Even if it establishes some control initially, most salespeople know how to inundate their boss in garbage. So, the bad news will always be buried in the deep end. Also it is humanly impossible to sift through time and date data related to visits- nor possible to correlate them with tasks and deals records.

As for effectiveness, unless you have historical data and able to run analytics, you will not go far. Deep dive does not work- and as for second tier managers being able to zoom in and find potential trouble-spots, just forget it!

What about the Sales executive, though?

The executive sees very little gain from sales call reports. He needs to set aside time for his reporting every day or every week. Now, as he does that, he needs to remember the salient details of conversations and actionable insights and put it all down. This on top of remembering meetings logistics- venue and timing.

Sales call reports aligned to businessIt is clear that we need to make it worth his while. So, if we can facilitate taking meetings notes as and when he is in the meeting and also tag that with the contact, account, deal or task that the visit related to- it addresses him having to remember the details later.

Now, all he needs to do is flesh out the details of the conversation later on, if warranted. He can do that later- and he will have skeletal points taken during the meeting anyway to help him.

The benefit is the report is virtually real-time and it is constantly being updated. And we know which deals are being worked on. We also know the actionable items in the call immediately.

So, what could be better with sales call reports?

Firstly,  we are not a great fan of sales reports that are static. We prefer reports that have multiple dimensions yet easy to dive into and decipher. To be useful, sales call reports must serve to perform both roles.

  1. They must provide the manager immediate feedback regarding work being done at ground level.
  2. They must also help the manager understand the focus and impact of the sales calls.

We see the sales executives benefiting the most. They will log visits and jot down meeting notes; if the daily or weekly sales call reports are generated automatically out of that. Of course these reports are not static and are update-able. But, that should be welcome. Both managers and executives should welcome the ability to tag a call with a sales opportunity or a pending task so they do not have to create a parallel report on screenshot_2016-09-08-12-17-57what physical action is happening on the sales opportunities.

Behavior change will be needed. When sales managers manage through the CRM then the executives will work better on their CRM as well. But, obviously the right reports need to be generated and enough insights must be available for making it happen.


It will be mobile first in implementation

The data for generating the sales call reports need to come from the field, as the meeting is happening. So notes need to be logged and updated on the mobile. There in lies the potential for greatest productivity improvement.

So we are moving towards reports which are live, always updated and actionable. You can format them in weekly or daily or monthly formats. But the benefits are now in how both the managers and executives can base their judgement and action on the reports.




Announcing Outlook CRM Add-in for Saleswah

Saleswah Outlook CRM Add-in: it’s back!

About a year back, we pulled the plug on one of our most successful products- as in number of users.

Our Saleswah Lite Outlook CRM addin was downloaded on more than ten thousand laptops/ desktops. But, we pulled it off as we were finding it difficult to maintain it.

We are bringing it back. In a slightly different form factor; some different features.

Still FREE!

Watch this space! We will make it available for download on this page. We shall also make it available for download in leading software download sites of the world.

[ddownload id=”12744″], [ddownload_filesize id=”12744″]


The Saleswah CRM Outlook Addin is back. Download from the link above.

For a list of the latest features, please see this and this.

The latest Saleswah CRM app in the playstore

Why you should welcome the latest Saleswah CRM app

If there is one word that describes the latest version of Saleswah CRM App on the playstore: it is CLEAN.

We did not change a lot visually – but worked very hard to ensure the irritants are taken away, the bugs squashed and the code is cleaned up to make it zippier to load.

Yes, we did add a few functionalities. We are now logging visits- for those service technicians using the app to update service ticket status. We are also giving you the exact address from where the visit is being logged. This is really helpful for those serving remote locations which often do not even have a street address. So, now your site database is suddenly acquiring those addresses backed with the lat-long co-ordinates.

We did the same for the sales visit management. Imagine you are a traveling salesman, you see a store that does not exist in your database. Now you can add the store to the database immediately- just type the name of the store, and the Saleswah app will respond with the address of the place you are standing in. Make minor corrections if you will and you are ready to save the data online.

In the enterprise sales side of the apk, we have also made it possible for you to call the contact directly from within the app. And, link the call to an ongoing deal or task.

But overwhelmingly, the accent in the latest Saleswah CRM app is cleaner workflows

In visit logging, we opted for explicit text in the footer in place of buttons which we were told just confused people. Hope it works for you, dear user!


In the service side, we have a simple calendar on the dashboard which shows you on which coming days you have calls scheduled. See below.

Calendar for visit planning

Finally, we have a super responsive team specifically for the App support. Drop a mail at and they will get back to you in double quick time.