Initiate sales meeting using Google Meet from within your CRM

We released our functionality of starting sales meeting using Google Meet recently. The background to this goes 4 months back.

We were at a customer meeting – face to face – back when such things were possible, or should we just say, in the “pre-covid” days. Things were already bad and the country was heading for a lockdown.

The customer was grim- his major clients in the biggest city of the country were already refusing physical meetings and were suggesting virtual meetings. Zoom, Webex, Teams- suddenly these were cropping up in everyday conversation.

This was March; we haven’t met since that day- but, as our development team released the integration with Google Meet, I could not but think of our customer in a city 2 hours flight away.

The new paradigm is virtual. All my own meetings are virtual now.

We made it possible to initiate sales meetings over Google Meet from Saleswah CRM.

Virtual Meeting from Saleswah CRM using Google Meet

So, next time you are setting up an appointment in Saleswah, remember to check the box which says “Use Google Meet”.

Why Meet? We like the functional, no fuss interface of Meet. We do not like Zoom, Webex is too heavy. We would probably follow through with Teams (Microsoft Office 365), real soon.