Linking Office 365 to Saleswah CRM

It’s a connected world

Connected world

It is a measure of how fast technology shifts in today’s world that Office 365 was needed to stop the rapid march of G-Suite (Google’s online suite of office product) into enterprises.

No one got under the skin of Microsoft Office products like Google did. Before Google came in, OpenOffice, StarOffice, LibreOffice- they all came, had a tiny share of the market (why not? they were free!). But, Microsoft charged premium dollars and the enterprises paid.

No one in the enterprises looked seriously beyond Microsoft Office- Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint and Word.

Google hit Microsoft from a totally unexpected quarter- riding on the success of Gmail, Google put serious oomph in their online office suite. And from a curiosity for home users, they started getting adopted by offices- first the small ones and then the enterprises.

One thing Google never managed to shake off though, and that is the perception that Microsoft understands enterprise security (and others don’t). So, the penetration of G-Suite tapers off in larger enterprises- where Microsoft really rules.

The case for link and synch

Customer information everywhere

As CRM vendors, we need to make the customers productive by allowing them access to customer data where it exists. So, whether in the Contacts list in Gmail or in the Outlook or in your smartphone, or the calendar data, we can save you huge time and effort by reducing de-duplication of efforts.

A digression: we are Microsoft fanboys- even when it was really unfashionable to be one. We linked our CRM to G-Suite (Google for Work those days) many years back. For all our devotion to Microsoft, we could not find a way to link to Microsoft- but for a small add-in we developed for Microsoft Outlook– which exchanged contact and calendar data between Outlook and Saleswah.

The empire strikes back

Microsoft changed – and how!

From being a desktop software vendor selling licenses software, it pushed aggressively into the cloud. Without, and this is significant, abandoning their desktop software platform.

So, you can work on MS-Word online as well as on your desktop and the beauty is that it is so long as your license is valid, you can continue to get upgrades to your desktop software as well- so, your Outlook 2016 will become Outlook 2018 or 2019 whatever the new version is. Sure, it is a game of Opex vs Capex and Microsoft makes more money in the end; but the value that you get is tremendous.

Announcing: Link Saleswah CRM with Outlook Office 365

So, for all those years spent waiting – we can now link to the Office suite and of course our first target was the Outlook. Playing no favourites here – we linked Saleswah CRM with Outlook (online) the same way we linked with G-Suite. To enable connected users exchange contact and calendar data- Tasks and appointments- between the CRM and Outlook.

There is a difference though. We connect to G Suite from the CRM platform on the web. We connect to Outlook from the Saleswah Lite CRM app on the Windows desktop store.

Saleswah CRM link Outlook


We dare say the integration works well. Check it out – go to the store on your Windows desktop and download. Create an account or use your exisiting Saleswah account. For the initial set-ups, go to the app on the web- same user ID and password work here as well.

Enjoy! Feel free to contact us on email at if you have a feedback or suggestion.