Campaign Email scheduling

We are excited to roll out this great new feature which will help all of you who depend on Saleswah CRM to stay in touch with your customers i.e. use the marketing automation a.k.a. e-mail marketing features.

The issue so far

Your email service provider imposes restrictions on how many emails you can send per day. With Google Apps/ Gmail it is 500 max per day. Some email service providers cap it at 250 or even less.

So, if you wanted to send out email campaigns which targeted your entire contact database through Saleswah, you needed to create batches of contacts – basically split it in batches of 200 or 400 and send out your campaign, one mailing at a time, one per day.

This was a pain.

Enter campaign email scheduling

Now, we make it possible for you to perform campaign email scheduling to thousands of contacts in one go. All you need to do is select the number of contacts per day Saleswah will schedule the email to per day.

For instance, your campaign contact list is 7630 in number. Let’s say your email service provider allows sending out not more than 400 emails per day. So, to be safe, schedule 350 emails per day on the campaign setup page. Every day, Saleswah will send out the emails to 350 contacts, till the entire list is exhausted.

email campaign scheduling in Saleswah
Scheduling campaign emails to go out a few per day

So, now you can schedule your monthly newsletter in one go. You can track campaign response in one place too!

Try it!

Mass email marketing using Saleswah CRM

Can you? Should you?

Simple answers to the first two questions first; yes you can (remember Obama?) and well, it depends.

Firstly, what does Saleswah CRM offer you in terms of mass email marketing capabilities?

1. Create email template using a html email template builder; powerful enough that we send all our own marketing communication and sales proposals using it. Use this to compose your message, insert custom tags (for mailmerge- like in MS-Word) and even insert “action links”- which the recipients can follow.

2. Target list creator – to filter and zero in on the contacts from your contact list in Saleswah CRM that match your intended message.

When you put 1 and 2 above together, you get, 3!

Jokes apart, you get the campaign sender, which is the part that takes the created html template from 1, marries it to a target list from 2 and sends it off on email. And, did I tell you that you could have sent an embedded link, which once clicked, would have registered them for a seminar or a tradeshow that you may have invited them to in this email? Powerful.

Okay; so, cool. So, why the long answer, huh? This means not only I can, but it seems like a great idea, too, right?

Hold that thought for a minute more; and let me tell you a couple of other things.

Each contact in the list within your Saleswah CRM database has a checkbox against her name; to denote permission to email. And, each email that goes out from Saleswah CRM, carries a “Unsubscribe me” link. Once the recipient clicks the link, the contact will be automatically marked as someone you are not allowed to send emails to. Doing it, heedlessly, nevertheless- is bad practice.

Yes, and by the way, do you know where the emails go out from?

If you want them to go out from your company mail box, and that is how you have configured Saleswah CRM, then be sure that your company mail server can handle the volume. All mail servers  have limits; Gmail allows only 500 emails sent out per day, for instance. If you want to do serious heavy duty mailing, then it is best to get yourself a mail server and configure that to work with Saleswah CRM.

Do we provide mail-servers? No we don’t.

So, back to the original questions. Again, yes you can do mass email marketing using Saleswah CRM and perhaps you should- but, do keep some of the above things in mind.

Anatomy of a marketing campaign

Does the word campaign evoke images of large armies marching through inhospitable terrain? For months on end for small gain?

A marketing campaign is certainly a sustained effort. The objective being to narrow down the list of prospects to those that may be profitable to chase. As the list keeps getting smaller, the  personal attention to the members of the list grows.

How do you know which are the right people to pursue? Continue reading “Anatomy of a marketing campaign”