Service CRM confguration and implementation for DG Set maintenance

A Saleswah Service CRM Case Study

Service CRM DG Set Case study - Implementation 1

Configuration, customization and implementation

The following service CRM modules were part of the successful implementation

Warranty and AMC administration

Saleswah makes it possible for warranty and AMC to be defined at the product category or even product model number level- this can be further tweaked for individual customers, sites or even equipment. Contracts were customized for deliverable and SLA.

Installed base of sites and equipment

Each of the 30000+ sites were migrated into Saleswah with full details including latitude, longitude and details like the distance from the nearest service point. Every site had one or more equipment under contract.

Service tickets: logging and tracking to closure

Saleswah made it possible, out of the box, handling of breakdown tickets and scheduled maintenance from logging to assignment to tracking till closure. Saleswah also provided a completely automated way to schedule maintenance based on variable parameters like run hours.

Hierarchy and territory management

Saleswah provides for literally infinite depth in its user hierarchy and the customer fitted in his hierarchy of Technicians working for service dealers who reported to ASMs. ASMs reported to RSMs and they in turn reported to the service head.

Installation sites were assigned to technicians thus bringing together the territory and user hierarchies.

Spares stocking and usage logistics

A service operation of such scale can’t function without efficient availability of spares at all levels. Saleswah made it possible to have a central warehouse for spares and the users to indent for spares specifically related to a service ticket or for local stocking- subject to approvals. The users had complete visibility to the spares stock at all levels under them and you can generate reports for spares usage and stocking levels at any given point in time.

Mobile application

Nearly 800 service technicians used the mobile app to handle service tickets- from getting intimated by SMS and app notifications at the time of closing a ticket to registering their presence onsite, updating ticket status, logging spares usage and so on.

Billing and commercial

Saleswah sent alerts and system notifications for impending contract expiry, and we developed custom utilities for the customer to help him generate a monthly bill based on services provided per month.

Reports and dashboard

Other than the extensive – standard- sets of reports, we provided the customer with custom reports for all aspects of his service operation- trends based on timelines and baselines helping him make sense of the gaps and corrective action needed.

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