Improvements in Spares logistics from implementing Saleswah Service CRM for DG Set maintenance

A Saleswah Service CRM Case Study

Service CRM DG Set Case study - Spares logistics 1

Improvements in spares logistics from the service CRM implementation

Ability to see current stock position at all levels

Now the customer was able to see the current and historical stock position

•At central warehouse
•Shipped/ In-transit
•Received at regions
•Issued to Technician.

Stock reconciliation

Previously reconciliation of physical stock and stock as per system used to take weeks if not months- now it is just a day’s effort. Also historical data is maintained in the system making it possible to pass audit.

Focus on reducing wastage, stocking levels

Now we have data on “high velocity” parts vs the parts that do not move and we can decide to stock them in appropriate quantities thereby reducing working capital requirements.

Also, usage analysis can easily flag inappropriate or abnormal usage of parts thus making it possible for us to take corrective action.

SAP integration helps in maintaining integrity of data, faster reporting

We integrated Saleswah with SAP backend to ensure integrity of masters – product and spares, direct order transmission between dealers and system backend and zero challenges in reconciliation. This also resulted in massive savings on time and a large improvement in accuracy.

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