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Contact Management

Contact managementWhile “Accounts” are the heart of a B2B CRM like Saleswah, the “Contacts” are almost as important. A CRM needs to be a good “Contact Manager”. Because contacts are those individuals that you interact with, nurture relationships over time. Contacts need to be influenced and persuaded to give business.

Contacts are individuals who typically work in Accounts- companies which employ many people- but, some may be solo entrepreneurs as well. A contact record will always be grouped under an account record.

Keeping profiles updated

Saleswah helps you maintain the contact profiles- name and contact details. And, if you link your Saleswah account with your Google account (or Microsoft), changes made in one will reflect in the other, saving you valuable time. You can import Contacts from a spreadsheet or from Gmail or Microsoft.

Capturing interaction history

Saleswah allows automatic capturing of all interactions with contacts. Send an email, mail a literature, conduct a meeting, set up an appointment, perform a task, send a quote or a proposal; Saleswah captures them all. Over a period of time, you can leverage this rich interaction history along with profile data to target the contacts for lead generation campaigns.

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