Customer service CRM software focuses on customer retention

More than customer retention, support is a major way to gain new customers as well

A case for Customer Service CRM software

With 2021 behind us and having learnt from our experience, we can safely say that customer support is what keeps a company afloat.

Sales to new customers is expensive, time consuming. Customer support is cheaper and the effects are longer lasting. Support helps retain customers. Support helps spread the word among other prospective customers.

Support is also a great source of ongoing revenue.

The years 2020-2021 were years for our Customer Service CRM Software to come into its own. Ad hoc tickets, scheduled maintenance, AMC and Warranty coverage, spares, logistics. For field service as well as for customer service operations managed out of service centers.

And all this at scale- from a team size of 10 to hundreds. Very customizable. And very very affordable.

customer service CRM dashboard

Who is the Saleswah Customer Service CRM software for?

Saleswah Customer Service CRM software will help you improve customer satisfaction.

Field service CRM software

If you have a medium to large sized field support team that goes to customer locatto attendnding to complaints on installed equipment- high value capital goods (think DG sets, utilities, compressors, chillers, petrol dispensers) or even white goods like AC, then Saleswah service CRM software will help run your service operations.

Service Center CRM software

If you have one or more service centers around the country and your customers bring in or send in products for repair, the customer service CRM software helps too. Think laptops, mobile phones, printers, hearing aids, even cars or even some white goods.

What sets it apart

– A great new mobile app- helping deliver a full fledged service experience at customer site.

Build your own: Every Saleswah customer sees a totally different CRM

– No need for consultants to implement. And there is no need to budget for months of even weeks to implement and adopt. A typical Saleswah customer service CRM software implementation takes just a few days and rarely requires technical support or coding.

customer service crm software customized formsCustomization by the user: add custom fields to all modules, even create custom forms for all types of tickets and even equipment. Push the form to the mobile app for use by your field support team.

Customer service CRM software focuses on customer retention 1

– Any size of operation- hundreds to tens of thousands, any types of products. Browse a particularly complex implementation case study.

What did we do for the Sales CRM?

– As with the customer service CRM software, the accent was on mobility. The mobile salesman will now really like the interface. We also added integrations with Google Workspace (sheets, contact, calendar, gmail), Office 365, QuickBooks Online and added the ability to get leads directly into your Saleswah CRM account from IndiaMart.

– As in the Service CRM, major modules are now user level customizable- add your own fields to Account, Contact and Deals.

– Capture leads from your website- embed a lead capture form on your website.

… and, that’s not all.

Across the sales CRM and customer service CRM software, we have revamped our reporting tool and made it possible to define your own reports. And export the results to csv or Google Sheets.

We now have added notifications across most critical actions- so, whether it is a new lead, a task that got assigned to you or an appointment that is due in 10 minutes, Saleswah will prompt you on your web browser and on the mobile.

Already have Saleswah? Write us and tell us what you liked or even what you didn’t about what we did last year. If you haven’t experienced Saleswah yet, go and sign up for a trial- here.

Sales CRM processes are a lot more than booking, billing and collections

For small and medium sized businesses, the accounting system of choice is QuickBooks. Starting as a desktop, standalone software, QuickBooks Online- the web based version has caught on and I would reckon is as popular if not more than its legacy version.

This is a fiercely contested market. There are others like Xero, Freshbooks, Wave accounting, Zoho, Tally solutions- plus many software products that cater to one or 2 markets. QuickBooks from Intuit stands out for catering to many markets, having a easy to understand user interface and a very very affordable pricing.

It’s the software that we ourselves have used for close to 5 years.

So, when it came to integrating with an accounting software for Saleswah CRM, it’s no surprise that we chose QuickBooks.

We are not the first CRM to have integrated with QuickBooks, we will also not be the last. But, there is a difference with how we have approached integration with QuickBooks vs how most others have.

Firstly, even if you do not have a QuickBooks account, you can work with Saleswah CRM.

Secondly, Saleswah CRM is a robust B2B sales (and service) CRM which deep and extensive process flows in lead management, marketing campaign management, deal and funnel management, contact and account management and scheduling and logging activities like appointments, visits and tasks. It maintains its own products list, pricing table and can send out Quotations and acknowledge customer purchase orders.

We wanted QuickBooks Online and Saleswah CRM to be complementary in how they worked together.

So, we have 2 use cases.

Let’s say you are already a Saleswah CRM user (admin) and you want to link it with QuickBooks online. You can link to your existing QuickBooks account from within Saleswah. If you do not already have an account with QuickBooks, you will be asked to create one.

Or, if you are a QuickBooks user and you want to check out Saleswah CRM, you can do so by going to the QuickBooks app store and click on Saleswah CRM to instantly create an account with Saleswah. Once you have a Saleswah account, head to the integrations page (under admin settings) and import your Contacts and Accounts, Products List and the list of pending invoices for your sales team to follow up for collections.

Yes, right now we want the QuickBooks integrations to serve the purpose of helping collections effort. The next step will be to push invoices out and do collections reconciliation.