Setting up a customer service management solution in 1 week or less

How much time do you have or wish to invest in creating a customer service management solution?

Conventional wisdom

A Customer Service Management Solution implementation in your company will involve massive efforts over months involving

– Requirement gathering with a the help of a consultant/ system integrator

– Creating technical specifications for customization

– Implementing customized processes, UI for your unique needs.

And, we have not mentioned the time taken for internal adoption, people getting used to newer workflows etc.

It will cost you time, money and even peace of mind.

But it need not be that way.

Come to Saleswah CRM customer service management solution

Saleswah customer service management solution user hierarchy

A Saleswah CRM based customer service management solution (service CRM) implementation will take days- and will require no coding, no consultants and will be totally under your control.

Most customers get started in one week. If you need help; we are there. And most implementations are free.

What will you get?

Saleswah CRM customer service management solution software helps you automate your customer service function – in most cases out of the box. No matter if your customers come to your service centres or your service executives go to customer locations- we can cater to your service management scenario.

  • Track warranty or AMC of your sold equipment by serial number
  • Repair, PM, Installation, Calibration… all sorts of ticket types
  • User configurable tickets- total control on data capture from the field.
  • Divide territories by executive -for instant allocation of tickets to the queues.
  • Track technician on mobile app
  • Track spares usage and inventory at all levels
  • Repair estimates on the go
  • Collect payments on the app

And, many more.

A contact centre replacement for free!

When you set up and configure Saleswah CRM for your customer service, do not forget to set up Simply C2 mobile app. For FREE!

Simply C2 is a free to use mobile app on the Android platform for YOUR CUSTOMERS to log complaints which get instantly added to your service ticket list.

Saleswah Service CRM is a web and mobile based software that helps solve critical customer service issues.

Get your customer service streamlined. … Speak to us today.

Inaugural offer!

Enable Simply C2 for your customers for an irresistible offer of Rs 8000/- for a year. Follow this link to activate.