Getting to know your Saleswah CRM Outlook Add-in

What can you expect from the Saleswah CRM Outlook Add-in?

The CRM Outlook Add-in is almost upon us and I am sure you are asking, what can you expect to be similar to the previous version and what will be different?

First, we are supporting Outlook versions 2013 upwards. It might work with Outlook 2010 and below, again it may not. We are not able to say either way.

Secondly, in the first version of Saleswah CRM Outlook Add-in at least, we are using minimal UI- most data exchange between Outlook and Saleswah will happen unobtrusively.

Third, and this is the most important: you will need an account with Saleswah CRM- and you will need to link your Saleswah account to your Outlook. If you don’t have an account, create one. It’s Free!

Why the insistence on linking Saleswah with Outlook? Simply because we were not happy with the previous strategy of keeping data offline and not synced. Keep your sales data in the cloud and you are assured of no data loss, even if your hard disk crashed.

Fourth, we are offering full calendar sync- for all Tasks and Appointments that originated in your CRM.

Fifth, we have taken away the need to “tag” your contacts as “Saleswah” contacts in Outlook to be able to import them to Saleswah. Now we have a more sensible approach- all contacts from Outlook come into your linked Saleswah account and wait for you to validate them so they can become proper, full fledged contacts.

And, to start with, Saleswah CRM Outlook Add-in will only work with the Saleswah CRM for Sales.

[ddownload id=”12744″], [ddownload_filesize id=”12744″]

Announcing Outlook CRM Add-in for Saleswah

Saleswah Outlook CRM Add-in: it’s back!

About a year back, we pulled the plug on one of our most successful products- as in number of users.

Our Saleswah Lite Outlook CRM addin was downloaded on more than ten thousand laptops/ desktops. But, we pulled it off as we were finding it difficult to maintain it.

We are bringing it back. In a slightly different form factor; some different features.

Still FREE!

Watch this space! We will make it available for download on this page. We shall also make it available for download in leading software download sites of the world.

[ddownload id=”12744″], [ddownload_filesize id=”12744″]


The Saleswah CRM Outlook Addin is back. Download from the link above.

For a list of the latest features, please see this and this.

Saleswah CRM Outlook Addin is back!

Update: The Saleswah CRM Outlook Addin is Back

Go here to read more and download.

We created one of our most downloaded and used CRM products: the Saleswah CRM Lite. Created as an Outlook Plug-In, it helped manage your sales opportunities, schedule Tasks and of course the Contacts from the familiar environment of MS-Outlook.

The downloads had reached more than 7000. We pulled the plug on the product last week. Here’s why:

We created the product for the user who would like a CRM that he/ she can update on the go without the need to be online. The fact that it was the familiar look and feel of Outlook, helped. It was for single users, whether working for themselves or for a company and it was free!

For the power users, we had added ability to connect to an online Saleswah CRM account. Also for free, for the single user.

So, why discontinue?

We do not think this is the strategic direction we want to take as company. We are mobile first, web first. A desktop CRM does not align with the direction.

The world is becoming online. Fast. We do not see our users needing to update CRM while offline anymore. So, all the more reason for us to concentrate on building products and platforms that are online.

Here’s a FAQ we put up, a week or so back.

Here’s where you go for the alternative: still free, for the single user. Saleswah CRM Lite Android App.
Or if you are a Windows person,

Saleswah Lite Windows Phone Store

Saleswah Lite CRM app in the Windows Store

Or, still prefer the web? Create a free account, here.



The Salewah Lite CRM Outlook Addin is back! Download it here!

Calendar invites on windows phones do not work

Calendar invites and other frustrations on Windows phones

I have been using a Windows phone for just about 6 months now. There are things that take getting used to, but overall, I quite like my Lumia. My other phone is a vintage Android and due for a replacement; the more choices I see in the market, more I delay!

So, I read with interest Mukund Mohan’s piece on why he thinks the Xiaomi MI3 is just not the phone for him. His reasons are unexceptionable. I only want to point out that one of the reasons he uses a phone, is email.

Mukund has an issue with receiving configuring emails on the MI3 with Microsoft Exchange. To quote:

First: email. As I mentioned, I have Exchange and our corporate policy requires encryption of the phone to access email. That does not work with MIUI. After 5 restarts and 4 hard resets, I still dont have my Exchange email. Which also means my calendar is not available. It is a known bug according to Xiaomi and there is no ETA on the fix.

The work around is I downloaded another email client, which seems to work, but my contacts and calendar on Exchange still dont sync. That absolutely is a deal breaker for me.

Now, I have been using the Windows phone (Lumia) and it does not handle calendar invites in mail at all- UNLESS, you guessed it, the invite is created from a MS-Outlook client.

How lame is that?

Broken calendar invite

If I send a calendar invite from my Google Apps email, he will receive an email, but it will not have the .ics file as an attachment – forget the embedded calendar invite that shows up in other mail clients. I did a Google search for this issue and came up with this on the Microsoft forum. As you can see, the issue is pretty old and there is really no solution. Does Microsoft really think the whole world uses Outlook?

This, in a quick succession is my second frustration with MS- the last one was when we figured their Outlook API will share all details of the Contacts except where they work. Think; they will share the email, mobile everything- but apparently the place of work is classified information.

When I started using the Lumia, I was floored with the battery life and the smoothness of the scroll even in a cheap phone. The display is great as is the screen- no screen-guard for the last 6 months and the screen is scratch-less.

The first major irritant was the inability to mark emails as spam from within the phone email client. Apparently Microsoft voted for minimalism here in their design- but, with me doing almost all the email work on my phone, it really is a pain to use the laptop to manage my mail filters. I have lived with it, not happily but .. well! The issue with the Calendar invite is more serious, however.

Since the Windows phone marketshare is 3% of the smartphone market worldwide and not showing signs of increasing, Microsoft has to do all the running to ensure it does things that others already do. If I am unable to accept your calendar invite on my Windows phone, I will not campaign to have the world work on Windows phone or Outlook.

Let me show you how the same calendar invite created from Saleswah CRM shows up on a colleageue’s phone email client running Android 4.3.

Calendar invite showing up on a Android 4.3 phone mail client Calendar invite - options to accept or refuse



Just in case you were wondering, the Windows email client shows the calendar invite email as this (see below to the left):

Windows phone calendar invite email

See above, to the right how the same calendar is displayed on my ancient Android 2.3.6 phone- a phone I am almost ashamed to show in public :).  I rest my case.

We are MS- fanboys. We develop first for Windows and Phone and then on to other platforms. Why do I get the feeling that MS simply does not listen?

Advanced tip: Track your CRM tasks in Outlook, Google

The problem with following up

In the days where you kept all your appointments and tasks in Outlook or even in the online Google Apps calendar, you never missed a single follow-up, right? It was even better when your tool of choice was the leather bound appointment book. Sigh! How is it that technology has made our life so difficult?

Now we take notes in multiple places and while we sometimes end up logging twice, many a time we either not log the appointment or we miss the appointment or task because we do not remember where we logged it.

Enter CRM, and life gets more complicated!

Why complicated? Because, now you have just added another place for scheduling and following up on tasks. We had the same problem (because, we ourselves are very involved users of our CRM). For a quick primer on scheduling Tasks in Saleswah, read this. So, this is what we did.

Sync Saleswah CRM Tasks with Google Apps or Outlook: sign up for a free trial

Bi-directional sync of Saleswah CRM Tasks in Outlook

Download the free plug-in, Saleswah Lite CRM Add-in to Outlook. Sync your business contacts to Saleswah and periodically sync your Tasks from Sale

swah to Outlook. So, all Saleswah CRM tasks will now be followed up through the Outlook reminder process. No need to track tasks in different places, track Saleswah CRM Tasks in Outlook, as you do with all your tasks.

Bonus tip: sync your CRM tasks with Google Apps as well

If you are not an Outlook user and have long moved your email, contacts and calendar on the web, courtesy Google Apps, you can do the same sync- this time with Google apps. And, no download is necessary as we built this functionality within the Saleswah CRM on the web.



Sync contacts from CRM to Outlook

Keeping your business Contacts updated across platforms: solved!

The biggest pain is keeping the Contact List updated and more, ensure that they remain the same across all places you maintain your contact records in.
If you have just registered for an account with Saleswah CRM or have been given access as a user by your company’s administrator of the Saleswah Account, then probably the first thought you have is – how do I get started?

Sales contacts list: create, maintain and update

The first hurdle is getting your business contacts into Saleswah CRM. That actually is easy. We offer an easy Contact upload process- you can upload your Contact List as an Excel file. Preparing the file – if you extract it from your regular Contact Manager like Gmail or Outlook takes 5 minutes, formatting it into the columns Saleswah needs takes another 5 and then upload it into Saleswah CRM takes a minute.
There are a couple of other options, and for reasons we state below, might even be better options. Let’s talk about one that is the easiest.

One click: Sync contacts from CRM to Outlook

You guessed it. Other than CRM, there are many other places you store contact information in. For instance, your MS-Outlook. For many of you, that is your primary software that runs your day, schedules customer appointments, handles all emailing and naturally has all your business contacts.

So, here’s our suggestion:

  1. Download Outlook CRM Add-in. [ddownload id=4386] .
  2. Install it. It will create a Saleswah Lite Menu in your Outlook.
  3. Categorize your business contacts in Outlok as Saleswah. As you install, the Saleswah Category is created inside your Outlook.
  4. Go to the Saleswah Lite Menu inside your Outlook and click Contact Sync.
  5. Voila! You are done. Just periodically do this to stay synced across Outlook and Saleswah for your Contacts.

Just to emphasize this, the changes you make to a sycned contact record in Saleswah CRM will get reflected in the same Contact Record in Outlook and vice versa. Just remember to periodically sync.

Online CRM with Outlook integration

Last week we wrote about Saleswah Lite ver 2.0. And we promised to write about the benefits of an online CRM with Outlook integration.

There are Outlook based CRMs and there are online CRM with outlook integration

We are in the latter category. Primarily. Even though, Saleswah Lite is not just a front-end to the Saleswah online CRM. It is a standalone CRM that does pretty much most things that an individual chasing deals may want to do.

It tracks your Contacts and schedules the Tasks using the native Outlook functionality. And, on top of that, it allows you to track sales opportunities and even the tasks related to the opportunity.

Know who your sales prospects are, how much is their “value” and what you need to do to win

Seems straightforward, and it is, for many individual salesmen. But, it does not work for a team. A team needs to share, customer profiles, interaction history and results.

Why would you want your online CRM to have Outlook integration?

Many reasons. Firstly, your Business Contacts are all there in the Outlook. So, if Saleswah Lite works with Saleswah online, it saves you from having to enter and update contact details in two places. You get to work offline and synchronise when you get internet access.

What does integration get you?

After you register and link your Saleswah Lite with Saleswah CRM, you can sync your Contacts, Accounts, Deals and related Tasks bidirectionally. Not only that, you can sync your product list and custom Task types.

Benefits of online CRM with Outlook integration

The benefits start pouring in. You get access to Saleswah online features- like campaign management, sending proposals and quotes. You get access to online reports. And, of course, you get to work and share with your other team members who are also using Saleswah CRM to manage their opportunities.

Want a demo on Saleswah CRM?

Ask for a demo for Saleswah CRM

Personal CRM: Saleswah Lite CRM 2.0

Saleswah Lite CRM turned 2.

The last version we had in public was 1.0.7. To move straight from there to 2.0 obviously means we made a lot of changes. Yes, we did. But, more than the changes, we tidied up the loose ends; made the existing functions work well, as they ought to.

Before we go further, yes Saleswah Lite CRM continues to be FREE! Go ahead, and download free CRM installer, here.

We also added the ability to update the app from within itself. Yes, just click Check for updates in the Saleswah Lite Menu within Outlook and it will go and download the latest patches.

So, what does it do?

Saleswah Lite CRM add-in to MS-Outlook (Saleswah Lite, for short, thank you!), lets you manage your individual sales opportunities. Opportunity management within Outlook using Saleswah Lite

Saleswah Lite Features:

Deal / Opportunity Management

Create an opportunity record for every opportunity and track:

  • Size/ Value of the opportunity
  • Stage of the opportunity
  • Chance and projected month of closure
  • Client decision makers and their roles in the purchase process
  • Scheduling and tracking activities with the decision makers
  • Recording the budget available to the customer

Contact and Account Management

Saleswah Lite totally works with the native Contact Management of Outlook. So, no more duplication, no more entering and maintaining contact records twice over.
What Saleswah Lite adds is some semblance of Account Management- the ability to add multiple contacts working for the same company as decision makers to a deal record.

Tasks management

Saleswah Lite has the ability to schedule a task related to a sales opportunity from within the opportunity record. The beauty is that from then on, the Outlook native task management functionality takes over. These tasks have a lot more information with them than a typical Outlook Task- they have the client Contact Name, the product name and the opportunity related to- all listed.
And, you can create your custom Tasks as well.

Add your product list

Let us say you sell insurance policies. You can add each one of them to the Saleswah Lite product list with prices. So that, when you create an opportunity, you can relate it to a product with its price.

So, what are you waiting for? Download free CRM, Saleswah Lite, here.

What if I had an online account with Saleswah CRM as well?

Ah, that’s the subject of another blog post. Watch this space!

CRM for everyone, CRM for free

Saleswah: Personal CRM for free!

Saleswah Lite CRM is a personal CRM software. We are offering this CRM for free for individuals wanting to track their sales and related tasks. It is installable on all desktops and laptops running windows and it installs as an add-in to your Microsoft Outlook.

Outlook versions 2007 onward are supported and you can install this on computers running Windows XP, Windows 7 and yes, Windows 8.

Download Saleswah Personal CRM for own use

Brief feature summary ( CRM for free, but as feature rich as a paid CRM)

Rev 0.5 (the one in private beta, now!) -FREE!
Manage contacts (using basic Outlook functionality)
Manage accounts (Saleswah Feature; since Outlook does not have account management)
Manage opportunities (deals): from start to close.
Synchronise contacts with Saleswah CRM on the cloud (optionally; and still FREE!)


Rev 1.0 (coming out next week; still private beta)- still FREE!
Manage contacts (using basic Outlook functionality)
Manage accounts (Saleswah Feature; since Outlook does not have account management)
Manage opportunities (deals): from start to close.
Synchronise contacts with Saleswah CRM on the cloud (optionally; and still FREE!)
Synchronise opportunities/ deals with Saleswah  CRM on the cloud (optionally; and still FREE!)

Rev 2.0 (coming out 1st week January; public beta)- still FREE!
Manage contacts (using basic Outlook functionality)
Manage accounts (Saleswah Feature; since Outlook does not have account management)
Manage opportunities (deals): from start to close- using Saleswah functionality.
Synchronise contacts with Saleswah CRM on the cloud (optionally; and still FREE!)
Synchronise opportunities/ deals with Saleswah  CRM on the cloud (optionally; and still FREE!)
Synchronise Tasks with Saleswah CRM on the cloud (optionally; and still FREE!)

Click here  to download the installer file.[ddownload id=”3091″ text=”Download” style=”button” color=”green”]


Adware/ malware: None. This is genuinely free for use. No catches; no strings attached.

Will you email/ spam me with offers?: In short, no!

Why Saleswah Personal CRM?

The most critical function in your company is sales. And, CRM software helps sales to organize their activities, track their prospects and opportunities and ensure they are able to forecast better about their opportunities in the months ahead.

Given above, you would expect a tearing hurry to adopt a CRM software and get your sales people to use it. In our experience, both do not happen. Some of the reasons we have experienced are:

1. Fear of the unknown: this is as valid for the users as the executives who make the decision to go with a CRM. Even when you overcome it, the familiarization with user interface takes a long time.

2. No soft landing: Most CRM software vendors bury you under an avalanche of features (we are guilty too, though, lately we are trying to change!)

3. No “personal” experience: All CRM software require you to spend a lot of time in setting up before using even some of the most basic functionality. Also, you need to first “put-in” before you “take-out”; meaning, unless you have a fair amount of data – at least for the contacts- you will not be able to start seeing the benefits, like tracking prospects, seeing reports etc.

We think Saleswah Personal CRM will help with customer adoption of CRM. Go for it! No strings attached.