Deals be opened post closure

A Deal record is about the progress of a sales opportunity through the funnel. A deal record culminates in a closure. Status changes to Won or Lost or Dropped. After that, we do not permit an changes to the status.

We just made it possible for you to re-open the deal.

So, if you mistakenly closed the deal, you have a chance to re-open it and work on it some more.

For example:

  • You closed a deal as won, but actually it was lost!
  • You closed a deal as Lost- but the customer just called and said you are still in consideration as a vendor.
  • You closed the deal correctly as Won; but the value was wrong.
  • Etc

So, go to the closed deals list, click on the deal value of the closed deal and click on the “Re-open” button of the Deal record that popped up. The deal will then move from the closed deals list to the Open Deals list.

To ensure that this is only done with proper approvals, the ability to re-open a deal is available to admins alone.

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