Four steps to selling in B2B

1. Acquire, profile, manage and engage your contacts

You are connected- to your customers in all platforms. So should your CRM be. In the first of the 4 steps to selling, set up your Saleswah CRM in no time by one click import of your contact lists. Stay synced across Google Apps, Saleswah and Outlook. No pain contact management.
One click contact import from your social accounts Gmail, MS-Outlook or Saleswah CRM jpeg







2. Log interactions and track activities at account and contact level

Businesses buy, but we interact with Contacts. Saleswah lets you track both- and, relate them as well.

Contact interactions are logged and their business impact shows up in the Account level dashboard. We even show you which of the activities that you are performing are related to a sales opportunity, and those that are not. Wicked!

Activities list under Contact DetailsAccount Details Screen







3. Recognise the opportunity, nurture it and progress to win

From the time you sniff a whiff of an opportunity to the time it comes to pick up the order, Saleswah lets you track the sale, the stages of the opportunity- how ‘qualified’ is your judgement and your forecast?
Know the BANT score or the Deal Stage: anything that helps you with better forecasting of your opportunities.

Deal management
Sales Deal Management in the Saleswah CRM App on Windows 8


4. Reports and Dashboards to get constant feedback


Sales target vs achievement

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