Innovative customer service channel for the new age

Do you want to plan for a customer service channel that costs much less than others, has strong integration with the backend and works 24/7 without human intervention?

If yes, read on.

Challenges in creating the most effective customer service channel

Let’s break down the essential scope of the customer support function.

  1. Log complaints from customers
  2. Assign complaints to qualified technicians
  3. Track closure.

Of course, there are more in-depth roles. Things like managing spares, logging defects and repairs, sending estimates and invoicing and creating a knowledgebase of issues.

But, the 3 above I listed are the core functions.

2 and 3 above are largely internal processes- we are ourselves in control.

Step 1 – logging customer complaints and in fact in all communication stages with customers is where the challenge lies.

Let me explain.

Usual modes of customer reaching out to you:

Innovative customer service channel for the new age 1

1. Live chat

2. Phone

3. Email

4. Social media

5. Chatbot

Livechat, phone and email give you unstructured information, costs a lot in terms of infrastructure and yet most customers prefer them.

Each of them require live agents- especially for phone and livechat who need to be available to handle customer queries, log complaints and update status. Worse, they require huge investment in backend infrastructure.

Additional challenges in Europe/ Asia/ India and in Africa and Latin America

In multi-linguistic environments, the problem is huge, as you can immediately see. Not only do you need live agents, but you need them able to speak multiple langauges. Which immediately increases the cost of your customer service channel if dependendent on phone, chat or email.

Innovation in Customer Service Channel design

Many of our service CRM customers are passionate about customer service- but, simply unable to afford the cost of setting up a live customer service channel. They are asking for a tool that can

  1. Work 24/7
  2. Is cheap/ low cost/ no cost
  3. Works with their CRM back-end so that accurate, structured customer request is logged immediately.
  4. Can be used for asynchromous communication for ticket status update.

Let me further elaborate on the asynchronous communication bit.

Why asynchronous communication is actually better

While in a live chat or in a phone call, the customer gets real time update. But, that puts a lot of time burden on the agent as well as the customer. When did you ever finish a chat with customer service in 2 minutes?

In an asynchromous communication, the agent can respond at his or her own time- when she has more information or has something to ask.

Or, simply when the agent with the local language skill is available.

local language customer service channel

App-ify the customer service channel

We thought long and hard. Our target geogrqaphy is multi-lingual- our customers speak many languages- and sell and service to customers who are even more diverse.

Our customers can’t avoid the 24/7 availability yet can’t afford the cost of the presence.

We have a customer in Pune with customers across India who speak a minimum of 10 languages.

So, now you know why we introduced Simply C2 (earlier called Grahak Setu) in the PlayStore to work seamlessly with the Saleswah CRM backend.

Grahak Setu revolutionizes your customer service channel

To understand how Simply C2 can work for your customers, login to Simply C2 after downloading from the Google Playstore.

Search for the product that you want to repair- TV, Washing machine etc. If you find it, look for the list of manufacturers and select yours.

If you can’t find the product but know the manufacturer, then go to the list of manufactuers (ordered alphabetically) and once you have selected the manufacturer, select Others when it comes to the product selection.

They will still get the ticket! And will attend to you!

If you want to list your company and products on the Simply C2 platform, sign up for our inaugural offer.

Set up Simply C2 in 3 simple steps

Simply C2 is a simple concept with far reaching plans.

We want everyone of our customers to be able to allow their clients- that is you- the flexibility of logging complaints 24/7/365. Without the cost of setting up a call center or sharing mobile numbers of customer service.

Simply C2 is an app for you. When you look for manufacturers and log a complaint- it creates a ticket with the manufacturer and sends them an alert. And the ticket lies there till it’s closed.

So, nothing falls through the cracks.

If you have been wondering how to set up Simply C2 in 2 minutes and log your first complaint, read on.

First step- to set up Simply C2

Sign in/ Sign-up

Sign-in or Sign up for the first time- the process is same for both- using either SMS or WhatsApp based Login.

2nd step

Update your profile.

As you can see, a lot of the fields are filled up already.

Fill up the rest. Especially your email address and name. Verify your postal address, because the service technicians – if they need to reach you, will need this.

This will help you when you want to log a complaint.

Set up Simply C2 in 3 simple steps 2

3rd Step

Log a complaint

If it is your first time, you probably have no default service provider- no one already selected.

So, look for the product category that you want to complain about. Search.

Then select the manufacturer, you want to complain to.

Want to directly select the manufacturer? Go to the list of manufacturers and click on the first letter of their name.

Once you have selected the manufacturer, just type/ select your model and serial number. Also write some details of your issue.

Take a picture!

Once you click the submit button, congratulations! You have just logged your first complaint in Simply C2.