Saleswah CRM customization

We allow our customers to login and use the software for free for a month. So, it is not often understoood that what you see is just one “flavour”. Something that showcases some of the best features of the software but hides perhaps just as many.

Does that mean that you get a “hobbled” product? No. All it means is, if there is something you need and don’t see it upfront on the product on the web- the one you registered and logged in to- ask. Pick up the phone or drop us a mail.

You will be surprised. Saleswah CRM customization can create a product that is surprisingly close to your needs.

We have customized Dashboards, added large work-flows, hidden large parts of the software away. And done it in less time and with less effort than we ourselves thought it would take.

Saleswah CRM customization dashboard
Cuztomized dashboard – Saleswah CRM

All this while keeping the core product intact. Yes, sometimes it does result into “stress-testing” the software but we are happy to report Saleswah has so far stood up to the stress well.

The other work we have done on Saleswah has been in creating totally custom mobile app UI- to handle totally different work.

Some of the customization work ends up being not so custom- after all. They become mainstream. For instance the work we did in creating a calendar at a client request has now ended up in the main product. If you have not seen it already, time you did!

Saleswah CRM Customization - standard dashboard
Saleswah CRM standard dashboard
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