Saleswah on your windows desktop and Office 365 1

Saleswah on your windows desktop and Office 365

The latest update of the our app on the Microsoft store- the Saleswah Lite CRM- was our 32nd!

We did it as a bit of a lark years back. And followed it up with an app for the Windows Phone as well. Which of course is another story. Suffice it to say, the app is still alive but where are the Windows Phones?

We may be die-hard Windows fanboys, but even we have given up on them.

But, we have a lot of good feelings for the desktop app. It is probably due for a re-design. But it still delivers great value for the user who is desk-bound and uses the app to perform updates for the most part.

And we keep adding features to it. The latest we did was to allow sync of Office 365 contacts and calendar with Saleswah through the app. It requires you to have a Enterprise class Office 365 account. Hope we are able to allow you to sync with your Office 365 Home and personal accounts as well, soon.

Have you checked out Saleswah recently? On the web or on the desktop? How was your experience?

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