Sales leads tracking in Saleswah

What is a sales lead? Why is Sales leads tracking important

A sales lead is an indication and also information that a certain contact (or contacts) should be approached to pursue a sales opportunity.

What information you need typically for a contact to become a lead?
Well, even though there is no hard and fast rule, at the minimum, you need some contact information and the type of product she is interested in.

What does Saleswah count as a lead?
There are two ways of creating a lead in Saleswah CRM.
1. By automated lead scoring method:
Saleswah is constantly polling all the activities that are logged in the system and evaluating them for their potential to lead to a sale.
When acivities related to a contact or even a group of contacts working together in the same company jointly point to a possibility of a sale, Saleswah will automatically trigger a “lead”. A lead record will be created, it will be sent immediately as an email and a mobile alert to the sales executive who will then chase the prospect.
2. By manual lead creation:
A prospect calls your reception asking for product or price details; someone visited your exhibition in trade-fair and showed specific interest in a product, someone filled up a form on your website…
Saleswah allows your receptionist, your trade-fair exhibition booth hostess or your marketing team to log this interest in a product category exhibited by a contact as a lead. Two clicks, if the contact exists in the database; if not, ensure the contact is created in the database first.

Which one will you trust more?
It really depends. If you had superb quality of people, able to separate the wheat from the chaff, then you might trust manually flagged leads more than automatically created leads. But, they will still be inconsistent in quality. One person’s lead will be another person’s waste of time.

Automatically generated leads, have more credibility because they will be consistent.
Firstly, they will play by the same rules; the same definition of what constitutes a lead and what is the threshold of acitivites above which leads will need to be triggered. And, automated leads have more data-points, have a longer interaction history and many times with a bigger team than one.
Saleswah allows you to make a choice: automated lead creation, manual lead flagging or both!

Sales Leads assignment:

Leads created in Saleswah are automatically and without exception assigned to the Sales Executive to follow up. In case the lead is found to be worth pursuing, the executive pursues the lead and converts the lead into a sales deal.

Sales Leads tracking:

All sales leads are tracked as they progress in the funnel; through the stages of the deal, being “qualified” on the way to the “close”; with full visibility to the sales executive and his manager so that they can intervene as appropriate.


The story of Saleswah CRM

Saleswah CRM is a new product, but it rides on 2 years of experience with its predecessor the Salesgenie CRM++.

We launched Salesgenie CRM++ more than 2 years back. It was a web-based comprehensive CRM software that allowed sales, marketing to share data and collaborate. Salesgenie CRM++ focused on the sales process tracking and monitoring. We launched it in the Nasscom Product Conclave, 2010- among the top ten products Nasscom chose to introduce in the Product Conclave that year.
We acquired customers and learn a lot from their usage experience. Among the most important things our customers told us were:
– they wanted to monitor activities as much as processes
– they wanted to have a CRM which sold to individual owned businesses much as enterprises
– they wanted a more comprehensive reporting capability
– they wanted to be able to assign tasks and see if they are being closed.

We listened, and the result is Saleswah!
We could have called it Salesgenie CRM++; the “new, improved”. There are two reasons we did not.

1. We have gone way beyond what Salesgenie CRM++ set out to do or indeed was able to do. Salesgenie CRM++ was meant to be a pure-play B2B Sales and Marketing automation product. It was more a profile and event logging and  process tracking tool. Saleswah does much more- it adds significant task and activity management features, adds process triggers and significantly enhances the reporting capabilities and adds a some really useful dashboards. We also have blurred the distinction between B2B and B2C- you are now as much able to use this products for selling to other businesses as to individuals.

So, it is not just an improved product- it is in many ways, a different product.

2. On Salesgenie CRM++, we did not have a domain! On, we do.

This matters to us. It did not matter to you, our customers of Salesgenie; but, it mattered to us. Also, we discovered those who owned the dot com domain in Salesgenie, had a database service. Different service; but, we felt we did not want the confusion.

Two things that are new:

Saleswah CRM adds two features that Salesgenie CRM++ did not have.

1. An evergrowing set of reports and dashboards; to make sense of all the information you are capturing to gain insight into your business.

2. Task Management: Saleswah has a comprehensive task management functionality- define tasks like “Call”, “Meet personally”, “Demo”, “Collect cheque” and assign them to your executives, set deadlines and monitor closures. Simple to use, easy to track on the Tasks Dashboard. You will love it.

What about the existing Salesgenie ORM++ users? Well, if anything, they will see all the improvements when the migrate to Saleswah, and we will help them through the process.

Some things that do not change: Saleswah continues to be web-based and if anything, even easier to use and definitely easier on the pocket. You see, we now have 3 levels of user licensing – so, you can choose just the level of your individual users – don’t pay for features that your users do not use! Our licenses can now start at as low as US$4 (Rs 220/- for customer based out of India) per user per month!