Understanding the different Saleswah CRM user roles

Saleswah has 4 types of roles (other than the admin) which are relevant for your users.

a) Sales executive b) Sales Manager c) Marketing d) Sales co-ordinator (telesales/ inside-sales)
There are differences among the roles in terms of what data they get to access or what functionalities are available to them.

A sales manager can do virtually everything that the software allows- except the admin work, of course. He can also see the customer data for all the execs reporting to him.

A sales exec has access to all features/ functionalities but sees only his own data.A sales exec and a sales manager are the 2 types of roles that carry sales targets. They also have “account ownership” – meaning direct responsibility for business generation from named accounts. Sales execs and their managers form a pyramidal structure.

A user in a marketing role can’t perform sales activities like creating a deal/ creating a quote etc. But, he/she can view all data which is visible to the person in the hierarchy he/ she is reporting to. As an example, lets’s say Brian, (in marketing role) reports to Susan and thus can view all data. But he can’t action much. He can of course upload leads, create and run email marketing campaigns etc.

A sales co-ordinator can perform all the activities that a sales exec can- but does not carry targets or have account ownership. Their job is to help a sales executive or a sales team (reporting to a manager) sell. So, they can create quotes, deals etc. But, the ownership, rewards, targets are all those of the account owners- sales exec or his manager.

Like the user in marketing role, a sales co-ordinator only sees the customer data for the team to which she/ he is assigned (the manager she reports to).
I hope this clarifies. The executive team in your organization are the people who can decide the teams and roles of users.

As you know, if you are a sales manager, you can drill down to a lower level in the hierarchy to filter the data to only the level of the executive or the manager below you. This applies to all the lists, reports and dashboards.

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